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 Welcome to Buckeye Prime Foods

Buckeye Prime Foods
 has been in business since 1962. Buckeye Prime has customers in the Erie, PA (and surrounding areas), Northern Ohio to Southern, OH, and even into Indiana and Kentucky. If you have a question if we deliver to your area, just give us a call!

While Buckeye Prime delivers some dry goods, our mileage foods, chicken, pork, poultry and meat are 'natural'; no use of steroids, hormones, pink slime or additives.


1.) Do I really like to grocery shop?
     (Honest now....)

2.) How much money do I spend a week in      groceries?

3.) How many hours a month do I spend in      my car driving to the grocery store, how      much gas do I spend, and how much do      I spend on impulse buying?

4.)  If over a period of time can I save               money by having
 Buckeye Prime    
      deliver right to my front door, isn't it
      worth 30 minutes of my time to find out





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