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Portion Control

ANFP offers individualized- sized portions, making it easier to manage a healthy diet and it also helps reduce waste.
“Portion control contributes to weight maintenance and/or weight loss.”

All Natural

ANFP has a mission to deliver the most delicious and healthful foods that are produced in harmony with nature and give respect to the farmers and the
free range animals that are being raised. Vegetables are picked at the peak of ripeness and are washed immediately. These selected foods are flash frozen to seal in the best quality and flavor possible.
All Natural Food Plan provides our customers with the convenience, quality and affordable service of delivering bulk food orders to your home.

All Natural Food Plan will send an ANFP Food Specialist to your home to design a customized food order to meet your families needs.

Questions to ask yourself:

1.) Do I really like to grocery shop?
     (Honest now....)

2.) How much money do I spend a week in      groceries?

3.) How many hours a month do I spend in      my car driving to the grocery store, how      much gas do I spend, and how much do      I spend on impulse buying?

4.)  If over a period of time can I save               money by having
 ANFP deliver right           to my front door, isn't it worth 30                   minutes of my time to find out how?




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